2019: The Year Humans Start Making Sense of the World

The Year Humans Start Making Sense of the World


At a critical time when we need to start making better sense of what’s really going on in the world around us (intelligence), and thus make better decisions (choices), both our “sensemaking” and “choice-making” abilities are greatly diminished because our entire economic and political systems perversely incentivize disinformation and the wrong values. At this critical juncture in our collective path, we need to choose now if we want to start making sense of our world and make the best decisions for humanity going forward, or do we want to focus on monetizing and transactionalizing all aspects of life and the planet? Do we want a sustainable earth and restored human values of beauty, truth and goodness? Or do we want infinite economic growth, more and more profits and a lot of value for shareholders? 

2019: The Year Humans Start Making Sense of the World

A Rivalrous Win/Lose Game

Our entire economic and political systems are based on rivalrous win/lose dynamics that, when coupled with exponentially increasing technology leads to selftermination. It boils down to this, unless and until we radically change our perverse incentive systems (making money and profits incentivizes disinformation and the wrong values) that will allow us to make better sense of the world, we will never be able to make the best choices for humanity. What our existing systems incentivizes is putting people, the planet, and all sentient life in service to the economy and governments, instead of the other way around.

A Rivalrous Win/Lose Game

There are a lot of cultural fears and hype surrounding our rapidly approaching technological future, especially our fears of AI (Artificial Intelligence). A Paris Review article about AI succinctly points to some perverse incentives within our governance and economic systems that make it impossible to make good sense and good choices about the use of AI. It’s all about aligning our incentives with our values. Do you think it’s possible to ever have peace when we have a military industrial complex that is incentivized to profit off of war? Can we ever have a good healthcare system when profit incentivizes merely addressing symptoms with prescription drugs? Can we ever expect to see things the way we need to see them, in an objective, unbiased, rational way, when so many of our livelihoods, our incomes, depend on us seeing things in a way that’s more about making money than making sense? Do you really think AI will be used for human betterment if it is based on the false incentivizes of making money, or does it just become more dangerous? The stark realization is this, our political and industrial leaders cannot and will not solve our problems because they are part of the dying monetary incentive system that is obsoleting itself. 

Flipping the Paradigm

Moving Beyond Fear and Hype

Instead of fearing that AI will be used to create some sort of corporate totalitarian state, let’s instead use AI in a way that puts human values, people, the planet, plants and animals at the core, and all the technology and economic and political systems are in service to that. This will change everything. Instead of the hype around the singularity where humans and robots merge, we will use AI in service to meeting all people’s basic needs around the world and healing the earth. After all, we have the resources, and the ability to do so when we shift to an “Open access economy” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ErMOiiNyvBU) that is based on anti-rivalrous, win/win dynamics. Let’s begin imagining what is possible when we use our technologies in a way that gives us better sense-making and choice-making abilities in service to human and planetary wellbeing? 

We are developing what is being called AI² (Amalgamated Information and Intentions) which is a way to funnel in and amalgamate all of the knowledge and solutions from around the world, as well as the criteria that we can objectively agree on that will create a better world that everyone wants. We are also developing what we call a GPS (Global Problem Solving) model, where we can start transcending our outdated and inherently rivalrous, polarized political systems of “making” decisions by voting and debating. Rather, in a way similar to how your car’s navigation system gets you from point A to point B without voting or deciding on the best route, we can begin “arriving at” decisions that are objectively better for all humanity and the planet. 

Impossible or Radically Practical?

When the bio-psycho-social pressures become great enough, what once seemed radical becomes practical. There are things we can begin doing now to create a radically better world. We have the technology and the wisdom to identify the necessary and sufficient criteria, or parameters, of a civilization that not only doesn’t go extinct, but thrives. If we lower our blinders and boundaries, while opening up to new possibilities, we can utilize our technologies, including AI, fully in service to humanity and all life to begin creating now—not in some distant future—that more beautiful world that works for everyone. But what will get us there is not linear change, but a recognition that we are in a phase change, an epochal shift to something entirely new, which is the next evolution for humanity.

Highlighting insights and important developments being facilitated by the WorldSummit to help us flip the paradigm. We are unifying humanity and creating new systems to provide for the basic needs for everyone.

Please check out our recent video entitled Humanity’s Phase Shift — An Integral Framework (http://bit.ly/worldsummit-video-humanitysphaseshift) highlighting insights and important developments being facilitated by the WorldSummit to help us flip the paradigm. We are unifying humanity and creating new systems to provide for the basic needs for everyone.


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