An Invitation to Work with Upper Management

Upper Management lay Kathleen L. Hawkins

What’s the bottom line in business? Many people answer, “money” or “profit.” There are growing numbers of us, though, who believe that the real bottom line is spiritual or personal growth.

We believe that there’s a Power greater than we are that’s active within all things. This Spirit, absolute on a universal level, is relative on the human level and expressed individually through each of us. 

Since you’re a personalized expression of this greater Power you can use it to improve every aspect of your life, including the time that you spend in the workplace. Using universal principles at work gives your spiritual life a nuts-and-bolts practicality. 

To free your inner spiritual genius, keep in touch with “Upper/Inner” Management (your Higher Self/Inner Self/God), your source of inspiration. 

Spiritual Laws Operating in the Workplace 

We’re one with Life because we are created from it. Author Ernest Holmes compared our union with the Whole to drops of water in the ocean, saying that a single drop of water isn’t the whole ocean but contains within itself “all the attributes of the limitless deep.” The Bible declares that we are “made in the image and likeness of God.” And quantum physics confirms the oneness of the universe by proving that everything—visible and invisible—is a form of the same energy, including each of us. 

This Life Force operates according to the following universal laws. If you work with them, and act for the highest good of all involved, your daily experiences take on a life-affirming, spiritual quality. 


Just as you’re an expression of the one universal Energy, your experiences are also spiritual in nature. You can use your spiritual understanding to enhance your job satisfaction, improve your working relationships, increase your income or profit, and build a cooperative consciousness with others.

Cause and Effect 

Thought—fueled by feelings—acting on Energy leads to action, which in turn, produces the effect, the outward experience. The quality of your thoughts affects the quality of your experiences. When you live with honesty, integrity, and a spirit of cooperation, your life tends to get better and the lives of others are enhanced for knowing you.

Attraction: Like Attracts Like 

What you think about regularly, tends to appear in your outward experience. If you believe that there’s a power for good that operates through all things, and you act with confidence, your life will run more smoothly. And, if you’re faced with challenges, you’ll be more self-assured, creative, and resourceful. 


Energy is always in motion, Life in full, abundant expression. You risk interfering with the flow of this vibrant Energy if you engage in less than life-affirming behaviours, such as dwelling on fear of loss or lack, which could affect greater good from coming into your life.


To keep the Life Energy flowing, release any uncertainty and affirm a belief in an abundance of wealth, ideas, solutions, and answers. Share your talent, time, and knowledge, which asserts that there’s more where that came from. 


Energy is neither created nor destroyed, just transformed. Many of us spend a lot of time at work and in business acquiring money, accounts, clients, promotions, and prestige. We’re geared up to “get and gain,” but if we’re in the work world long enough, we’ll probably encounter difficult challenges, such as downsizing, personality conflicts, or what seems to be a missed opportunity. 

If you remember the Law of Resurrection, you realize that the one Life that permeates everything is a constant regardless of the forms the outward conditions take. You can use this knowledge to maintain your poise and equilibrium, recover faster from apparent losses or difficulties, and reinvest your creativity to achieve something as good as you had or better.

Welcome to a New Way of Working 

To do your job more consciously, act on your personal relationship with “Upper/ Inner Management,” as you understand it. If you choose life-affirming alternatives over the traditional warfare model of doing business, you’ll discover that when you put people and principles before profit, success comes naturally, and each day is a fulfilling spiritual experience.


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Kathleen L. Hawkins

Kathleen L. Hawkins is the author of several books including Spirit Incorporated: How to Follow Your Spiritual Path from 9 to 5 Whatever Your Job, Faith, or Challenge. She also wrote a time-management column for Success magazine and wrote and produced the best-selling audio-learning program How to Organize Yourself to Win.

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