Eyes of Love

if you will look at me
with your Eyes of Love
from every pore
of your skin
then perhaps
I can learn
the love of my own flesh

someone keeps wanting
it to be different
so I will finally be loved
before it is too late

the time has passed
there is no more time
before this moment
it is now
or never
the Love
does not settle
it does not inflate
it does not try
to re-do the past
or make up
the future
that is something else
not Love

the Love
accepts this moment
the bumps and bruises
the yes and the no
that All is Well
through the Eyes of Love
the All-Loving Eyes
in every pore of the skin
of the Diamond Light Body
made flesh

nothing more
need be done
to receive this Love
this extraordinary sight
Eye of Ra

no more push-ups
or work-outs
to whip the body into shape
no more calculations
or complicated reports
to prove the worth

just a simple life
an easy stroll
on a warm afternoon
by Angels

by Light Beings
who illuminate the features
of your Destiny

by Earth Beings
who slither
and coo
through their garden playground
by Little People
who follow you
and tug on your jacket
reminding you
that you are a Healer
that this life
needs your Magic
just as You Are

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Dr. Catherine Fehrmann

Catherine Fehrmann M.D. is a physician, energy medicine practitioner, healer, shaman, teacher, poet, and mystic. She lives an inter-dimensional existence, receiving direct transmissions from a number of different Beings and wisdom streams. She has practiced Vajrayana (Tibetan) Buddhism, and mentored with a somatic and energy therapist / Tibetan Buddhist lama for many years. Working directly to transform suffering and trauma in her mind, body, and life, as well as holding space for alchemical transformation in other realms, she is committed to embodying and teaching a View and practices which offer relief in a direct and practical way.

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