From Broken to Whole

What a challenging year 2020 was for most of us … wait, was it? 

My experience might be different from others. As a matter of fact, 2020 was one of the best years of my life. It was the year that I was delivered to my wholeness, and I promise you nothing surpasses that.

After years of being consciously lost in the dark wilderness of my existence, feeling my way through, making some small progress, but often feeling either stuck or going backwards, I finally managed to see the light.

The Quest

My initial awakening started with what was then a watershed moment in my life: a divorce in 2004. Today I can look back and say,  “Maria, there are far worse things in life.” I can even philosophize without really philosophizing that where a door closes a window opens. But at that point, the rug of my existence was pretty much taken from under my feet. Everything I believed in came tumbling down. I was left feeling lost, hopeless, broken and what seemed for quite a few years the insurmountable task of rebuilding myself.

I went on a quest for answers and tools that would help me get there. Along the way life kept sending me challenge after challenge – more challenging relationships, job dissatisfaction, financial dire straits, etc. All the amazing ways the Universe had to keep me on my toes and make sure I would see the course of this quest through. It’s as if the Universe was poking me and asking, “Maria are you interested or are you committed?” 

Along this journey, I think one of the biggest challenges was being asked “Who is Maria?” without having a plausible answer. I routinely felt that, despite all my efforts to keep moving forward, I was spinning my wheels more often than not. I was often left contemplating, “How could I rebuild myself if I didn’t really know who I was? Who or what was I really trying to rebuild?!”

Four years ago, I landed in the hospital with an unknown malady. Again, it turns out that it could have been much, much worse – where brain cancer was a possibility, a meningioma became my reality.  But while doctors kept busy coming to this diagnosis, I was made to stay put. And as it so often happens when you allow yourself some stillness, I realized that if I really wanted to come to a satisfactory end to my existential quest, I would have to dig much deeper. I would have to be willing to go to the depths of my existence and take it from there. Walking on shallow waters wouldn’t do the trick … going all the way down to the darkest corners of oceans was needed. And, with that insight, the journey carried on.

Fast forward to 2020, and what happens? The Universe once again in its infinite wisdom makes me stay put. And through a web of amazing synchronicities brings me THE TOOL, Quantum Healing, that finally brought my quest to an end. 

The Magic Tool

Quantum Healing is a branch of NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming). But rather than the two-dimensional approach of making the unconscious conscious, QH works on a tri-dimensional level, aligning the subconscious, conscious and unconscious levels of our human existence (body, mind and a higher version of self).  But what makes Quantum Healing truly, truly special is that it is not just a management strategy, but also a resolution strategy and, as such, it successfully managed to deliver me to the resolution of me – my wholeness.

I believe most of us are born whole and then due to various circumstances life chips that wholeness away one piece at a time until we come to a point (some more than others) that we barely know who we are. But the good news is that you can go back to that wholeness and splurge in a magnificent bliss. If this was possible for me, it’ll be possible for you!

My invitation to you is: in the face of the challenges that life throws at you… rather than asking yourself, “Why is this happening to me?” ask yourself, “Why is this happening for me?” 

Stay curious. See where the question takes you. Persist in your quest and I promise you at the end of the rainbow there’s an invaluable jackpot – your true whole self! It’s there, waiting for you to come and claim it, and when that happens, life is never the same again!

On a Mission

I started 2020 determined to make it my “Clear Vision” year, and so it was. Since then, I have been helping people who feel lost achieve the same for themselves using the exact tools that brought me the results that I desperately needed. I put together a formula that has proven highly effective and that combines the most powerful processes that I learnt through the years to get them those results in record time. They leave empowered and with the necessary tools to deal with whatever challenge life throws at them autonomously.

They often tell me, “Never have I worked with someone who wants to get rid of me.” I totally do not want to get rid of them, I just know they are ready to open their wings and fly solo. Be their own heroes. And it’s such a beautiful sight to see.

I work mostly with Millennials, as they are within the age bracket when I wish I could have been helped myself. It would have saved me from so much struggle and heartache. I am thus on a mission to help Millennials who come to me and are willing and ready to take quantum leaps in their lives. Those who are committed to do what it takes and make what they once thought impossible possible and achieve happier, more fulfilled lives, be it as individuals, in their relationships or careers.

I am a true believer that with the right tools and training, Millennials can have an impact that can bring about the change that I would like to see in the world. 

And you? Are you all that you can be? Is your life everything you dream of?
I wonder if you would like to join my superheroes gallery.

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Maria Ribeiro

Maria is a Millennial Mindset Influencer. She spent years on a personal quest wanting to understand who she really was and how to build a life that was in tune with that knowledge. Today she is on a mission to help people at the exact stage of their lives that she began her own transformation. She has a Post-Graduation in Coaching with emphasis on Leadership. She is an NLP Master Practitioner, a Quantum Healing Practitioner, and a certified public speaker.

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