Healing Trauma Across Time-Space Dimensions

Healing Trauma Across Time-Space Dimensions

If you’ve felt like this past year (or several) has invited you to look into the depths of your soul, you are NOT alone. Each of us have experienced karmic looping for eons, playing out different variations of trauma dramas. We are being invited to clear this old energetic imprint from our layers of DNA, epigenetics, soul fragmentation/aspects, —Sue Sexton— and energetic fields. As we do this clearing we become aware of how deeply our soul has experienced creation, learning more about who we truly are as a fractal of creator source prime. Clearing trauma usually evokes a dark night of the soul type journey, which can be painful and lonely. I invite you to use these THREE tools and tips each day to aid you on your journey of clearing trauma in your field: 


Create a routine in the morning and evening, where you invoke the violet flame of transmutation to clear energy from your field that no longer serves you. Based on the Universal Law of Free Will, you just need to ask in order to receive: “I am igniting the Violet Flame of Transmutation to help clear energy in my field(s).” 


Have two separate journals, one designated towards “dumping” out the old energy and the other one is designated towards “dreaming” your new life. When you dump out the old, just allow yourself to write about what’s upsetting you. Allow yourself to feel the emotions as you dump. Then, when ready, begin to write the same sentence at least 9 times (more is better – up to 9×9 = 81 times) of what you dream for yourself: “I dream for overflowing abundance in all forms.” Allow yourself to feel in your body that your dream is already here, bring the essence of it being HERE & NOW. 


Meditation is a game-changer for most who dedicate to building a new habit in their daily life. While you will notice that it is difficult to “shut the monkey brain off”, please know that meditation more about sitting with yourself than anything else. The longer you create space to listen to you (even the monkey brain), you learn about who you truly are. As I spent 1-hour each day sitting quietly, I was usually rewarded around the 30-45 minute mark with some type of epiphany, astral travel, past life memory, my guides downloading information I needed to know, or a benevolent being visiting me. Spending time with you pays off tremendously as you heal yourself across time-space-dimensions.


Let’s face it, we all are “remembering” what our higher selves already know, yet we haven’t experienced ascension to 5D on Earth until now. Instead of remaining in pain, confused, overwhelmed, or repeating the same belief system loops in your life, please see the signs the Universe is delivering on who can support you. Allow yourself to receive help. There are many types of support options, so use discernment to find which fits for your current process and stage.

We are so deeply capable of healing ourselves, we just need to decide to remember how. As a part of our Earth’s Ascension process, whether your healing is conscious or remains unconscious will have a deep impact on the pace of returning to a quality-filled life vs. remaining in suffering. Not only will you heal more quickly, but you are also invited to explore the beauty of creation beyond this momentary limited human experience. I implore: explore who you truly are!


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Sue Sexton

Sue is a Licensed Psychologist, CEO & Founder of Sue Sexton Psychotherapy LLC: Speaking Heart to Heart. She is also an Intuitive Energy Medicine Practitioner. After experiencing she own trauma healing these past three years, she knows exactly how to shift the energy across our soul’s history, so that you experience real time lasting changes in your current life (worthy of the term MIRACULOUS!). After practicing as a Psychologist for 15-years, Sue decided to expand her reach by Publishing her Book: Broken Across Time: Poetry Whispered from the Soul (peaceonearth1111.com/books.html), creating the Be The Change Membership, Public Speaking, Writing for Major Publications, & Creating World Peace by THINKING PEACE @ 11:11 AM CDT for 2-3 minutes in her 11:11 Peace On Earth Movement. Sue dreams BIG all while living happily in St. Paul MN with her two sons & her mini golden-doodle Clover.

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