Love in Business: an Inner Resonance

As conscious business practitioners, we trust that we can transform business by awakening the heart.

As you read this, you might ask ‘What does the heart have to do with business or prosperity?

As we have all experienced, in the business world we are taught to park parts of ourselves at the door. By inference, this means that we are asked to leave love behind because it doesn’t belong here. Rational, linear, quantitative and mechanistic thinking is what is valued above all else. Until now, love has been ignored in the language of business.

However, within the new conscious business paradigm, the word ‘business’ incorporates the whole of life where there is no work-life divide and as such, love is understood to be integral to business.

Experience is showing us that acting from the heart can directly impact the bottom line because we are in the right relationship, not only with ourselves, others and the Earth, but also with money. In this state of awareness, we’ve noticed that innovation and creativity are ignited and a re-definition of prosperity, in its deepest sense, flourishes at all levels of life.

By its very nature, love is synchronous with personal and collective well-being, including financial. Recent studies and documented trends demonstrate that organizations and businesses that are socially and environmentally responsible and who maintain systems thinking and holistic practices not only show improved productivity, but also financial abundance.

In conscious business, the power of love motivates all stakeholders to take bolder steps towards a radically different approach – one that adopts systemic thriving as its purpose. This sets in motion new meaning and an evolutionary business case in which an inner quality of life becomes the driving force that informs and shifts our outer behaviors, attitudes and patterns. “To prosper” becomes an active verb that invites service and heart action, in all its dimensions.

As members of the conscious business community, what at first was a simple seed-thought, Love in business, has grown into reality and become our new default system. It is the way in which we conduct ourselves… it is our signature, our way of being business.

Love in action has become the guiding principle by which we live and engage, on all levels. It is no longer a catch phrase, a theory or conjecture – it is a lived experience within which we thrive and connect with deeper wisdom. This is how invisible ‘inner’ values become visible. This is what value added looks like when we work from the heart, from the inside out.

What we have discovered over the past few years, is that there need not be a trade-off between the fundamentals of “being and doing” in business. This false dichotomy is an old construct that has held us captive to the detriment of fostering an inclusive, collaborative, interconnected, unified approach. The fusion of both inner and outer values has allowed us to create a healthy, flourishing community of practice dedicated to making a difference in the world of business.

As trailblazers, we see progress every day:

  •  in the momentum created by individual entrepreneurs exploring and implementing the new conscious business paradigm
  •  in how social and environmental responsibility is increasingly being adopted in organizations of all sizes
  • and in the shaping of a conscious business narrative that is displacing the old profit first model

With these incremental changes, we are gaining momentum, and as we take our first steps in infusing Love in business, we are not only making a difference… we are building coherence for conscious change and a new understanding of abundance, together.


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