Powerful Techniques to Enhance Your Health and Wellness

Powerful Techniques to Enhance Your Health and Wellness

Sometimes, the only thing you have is faith and trust that things will somehow work out – especially when it comes to your health and wellness. For me, health and wellness was often something I’d taken for granted. In the past, I used to think health and wellness were a direct result of eating healthy, exercising, and having a regular type of spiritual practice that reduced stressors in my life. I was mistaken. There are other things that are rarely talked about.

Sometimes, we feel we have no control over our health or wellness. Then, when an unexpected health crisis happens, we feel a sense of body betrayal. Instead, there can be a way to detect and prevent catastrophic health and wellness issues before they happen. This is not about the usual diet, exercise and stress reduction techniques you may have read about in the past. This is much easier.

I used to think that if I ate the right foods, exercised, and reduced my stress, my health and wellness was a given. It never occurred to me, that not being fully present in my body would mean trouble ahead. Your body will call out to you to come “home” if your soul aspect is hiding in a tiny space inside your body, or somewhere outside of your body, by manifesting illness. I have discovered that when we are in our minds or in the spiritual astral realms too much, it can creates space for stress to slowly erode your health and wellness.

In this article, I will give you some tips on preventing an unexpected difficulty. By taking these steps, you will be able to restore a natural balance within yourself that will help you stay completely present in your point of power. You will also start experiencing a deeper sense of inner peace, joy and have less drama in your life.

If you have had trauma in your life, you may have learned how to use logic to make sense of others actions and behaviors. You may have even learned to use the fight and flight response to abandon your body as much as possible. This can be true, especially if you are a survivor of childhood abuse or neglect. If you look at your body and notice areas that are hollowing inwards, be sure to pay careful attention to the steps I provide you on the following page.

I’ve worked on my mindset and taught it for years. Yet, it was not until I discovered that the seat of the soul rests between our first and second chakra, that I finally understood a near death experience I had earlier. Our soul rests cradled in the hip area and extends from there. Prior to this observation, I’d always thought my soul was somewhere outside of my body. My near- death experience changed the way I thought about health and wellness. It also changed the entire direction of my life and set me free to help others bring their soul home. 

The first step is to choose better health and wellness. Then start with anchoring your soul self into your body. You do this by imagining you can breathe in the light of your soul into your body. Breathe in deeply and imagine your soul light going all the way down to your toes. Breathe your soul light into every cell of your body and have the seat of your soul cradled in your hip area. Breathe deeply and ask your soul to be anchored inside your body until it’s time to leave for good. Make an agreement that you will no longer allow your soul self to abandon your body. Then practice this easy technique often.

The second step is to create an agreement between your mind and heart, your intellect and your emotions. As I mentioned above, breathe deeply into your toes three to four times. Become centered in your body and place one hand on your heart and your other hand on your forehead while asking for an agreement between your mind and heart, your intellect and emotions. Ask this agreement to cement these things together, so that you are no longer beside yourself with indecision. This action may take a few times for it to anchor, or it can take well over twenty or thirty times of practice. 

This results in better health and wellness. You will start to experience peace, happiness, and joy. Others will start to respond to you in a more positive way too, everyday stress will be easier to manage and your health and wellness will be easier to maintain.


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Luci McMonagle

As a natural born psychic medium, Luci O’ McMonagle was able to hone her abilities as a Clairvoyant and gifted healer. She earned her Master Practitioner degree in Psychosomatics. Luci also developed her innate healing abilities with intense training through various programs, masters and other teachers that she worked with. Luci is author the best selling audio book, MAGIC, MINDSET & MANIFESTATIONS: A PRACTICAL AND SPIRITUAL GUIDE TO MANIFESTING YOUR DREAM LIFE and co-author of "Thoth Book Of Magic: A Daily Guide To Manifest The Life Your Soul Intended: A Sacred Toolbox with Step by Step Guidance To Awaken Your Divine Purpose, Power & Path."

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