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Dear Cherished Soul Sister,

I have a calling deep inside my soul to share with you the wisdom I have accumulated along my journey in life. Yes, I have accumulated wisdom in the form of valuable lessons throughout my life and yet, I do not profess to be wise. My hope is that my sharing will encourage you to go deeper in search of your own divine internal wisdom and ignite within you curiosity and a passion for life that may have eluded you up until now. 

I am a true believer that as a result of our life experiences, there is a brilliance that shines through in a unique way for each one of us to discover, and this very brilliance itself is subtly weaved throughout the essence of who we are on a spiritual level. This brilliance is OUR unique light. It is a reflection of our unique soul and therefore each light shines in a way that is comparable to our unique fingerprint and becomes our unique signature, created only for us. This light is also a reflection of the accumulated wisdom we have collected, understood and embraced. The more we learn from our life experiences, the brighter and more expansive our light becomes so it can reach out to all who need to draw healing energy, insight and guidance from it. 

Our LIGHT is our SOUL. It is the essence of every experience we have ever had and represents our authentic, true self. 

People today have an unquenchable thirst to find their purpose in life as if to not be successful in that quest is an inexcusable failure on their part. The truth, however, is that our only life purpose is to be a LIGHT. That’s it. Our life purpose is nothing more and nothing less. 

“What do you mean by our only purpose in life is to be a LIGHT?” I hear you ask? Our purpose is to spread love, kindness, forgiveness and empathy throughout the world and we do that by purposefully raising our vibration so high and so bright simply by changing the way we think. When we no longer allow ourselves to entertain thoughts of hate, envy, fear and regret, our vibration transforms into one of such deep love and deep understanding of ourselves, of the human condition and of every other human being on the planet. 

When YOUR light shines brightly, people feel better by simply being in your presence. Never underestimate that the biggest impact we have on another is the feeling we leave them with after spending time with them. We actually have a choice in what energy we are putting out there and the effect we have on other people and situations. We have so much more control over our lives than we allow ourselves to understand and acknowledge. Think back to recent interactions you have had and how these people made you feel within those interactions. Whenever you think of them, the first thing that pops up is that very feeling you experienced during that interaction, much quicker than the memory of the conversation itself. You will remember the way they made you feel. 

We are all so concerned with leaving behind a legacy and yet, we fail to realise that our true legacy is in the brilliance of our light that will linger in the hearts and minds of all those whose lives we touch. 

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

—Maya Angelou 

So if being a light in this world is our purpose, our enjoyment of life is in the pursuit of finding what sets our soul on fire. In other words, it is the journey towards the discovery of our passions that deserves to be fully explored, experienced and digested so that we get the most joy out of our life. If we are to be a light in this world and to enjoy the journey of our experience, then we need to bring both light and passion together as one. To pursue and then live our passions whilst being the light for all around us, is a fulfilment so deep and so vast that it cannot be emulated anywhere else in our life. 

Transforming people from self-doubt and limiting self-beliefs to fearless and unfathomable confidence is the first of many steps I lead people to, in order to find their VOICE and what they STAND FOR in life… Who they have come here to BE. I help people to understand that in order to have a VOICE, they need to have a MESSAGE and in order to have a message, they must understand their STORY and it is within that story that their brilliance, their SUPERPOWER is unleashed. It is in this discovery of what their life experience has taught them and the lessons it has gifted them, that they can share their message, have their voice heard and allow their light to expand and shine brightly. 

I have found that situations, people and experiences come into our lives for many reasons. One of those reasons, I believe, is to help remind and guide us towards our magnificence, so as to live the life we have only quietly dreamed of. After all, our dreams and our yearnings could very well be markers we have placed along our life-path before we entered this world to remind ourselves of what it is we have come here to accomplish and to experience. 

My life has gifted me with numerous opportunities to explore and discover this divine, empowered wisdom, I call my Inner Guidance System, within me. During one of my earliest challenges, 

I clearly remember my father encouraging, and therefore empowering me at a very young age with the belief that I was capable of anything I could imagine for my life. In parallel, I also recall another significantly influential person tell me I would not amount to much at all, and actually went on to suggest that it would be best for me to stop dreaming big because to do so would only set myself up for disappointment. These two totally polar opposite experiences, I believe, were instrumental in influencing my pursuit of discovering within me the resilience and courage necessary to face challenges later in my life. 

My precious soul sister, as you travel through your life, you may encounter challenges and perhaps, at times, even adversity. Understanding that you have within you a pearl of divine wisdom which when unlocked, will directly connect you with your ability to stand powerfully, to discover your inner guidance and unveil your empowered state of mind, is what will enable you to live a joyful life. 

It is within your robustly confident state of mind, dear soul-sister, that your unique ‘sacred tools’ can be found. Some of these may be Courage, Resilience, Compassion, Faith, Strength, Intellect, Power, Empathy, Trust, Creativity, Authenticity, Integrity, Being Your Word… and so much more. Please remember that these tools are at your disposal to tap into whenever you are guided to do so. 

I want you, in times of doubt, angst or at times where you find yourself sliding into disempowerment, to reach into the deepest part of your soul and pull out those valuable gems, those sacred tools you have come into this life with, and Rise Up and INTO your unique power! 

Avoiding and hiding from life is tragic as you take away the opportunity to experience all that you have come into this life to experience and learn. If you are numb to life’s experiences and all that comes with these, you will end up trudging through life aimlessly, feeling empty of all significance and relevance. A life that is evaded and anesthetized, is a life wasted! 

You have come into this life to shine brightly and step into your greatness. Never, ever forget that. If you choose to, you can be the possibility of the inspiration of love, greatness, and ferocious feminine fearlessness in this world and take on an integrity-rich and authentic way of living your life! 

All My Love,
Vicki Gotsis-Ceraso


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Vicki Gotsis-Ceraso

Vicki Gotsis-Ceraso wears many hats. Her extensive twenty plus years’ experience in the study of Personal Development and Human Behaviour has led her to enjoy a long career as a well-respected Holistic Integrative- Behaviour Practitioner and as a Life-Vision Consultant. As an Australian Feminine Leader and International Speaker with proud Greek migrant roots, Vicki states that her biggest achievement is her family. Married to the love of her life for 33 years, together, they have three young adult sons whom she often refers to as her ‘greatest life–teachers’, particularly Rick who is autistic.

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