Sand Dollars

sweet crack
in the thinking
sweet crack
In the Universe
quiet Miracle
peeking through
holographic explosion
in disguise
which is why
it’s so hard
to bear
if you open too much
too fast
the refrigerator door
might strike you
in the head

too much bliss
to comprehend
it’s not your fault
slow it down
Prayer for ease
nice easy breezes
on the shore
sand blowing
into sacred patterns
but not
into your eyes
and teeth

whole shells left behind
but where is the crab
who used to live inside?

four perfect sand dollars
without a chip
or fracture
somehow packed with sand
through that tiny hole
in the back
each one imprinted
with a five-petaled flower
to mark the day
of your birth
incarnational shock

you chose
the poisoned birthday cake
and the hard wooden chair
facing the corner
so you could
feel what that felt like
then learn to choose
something else…

welcoming nest
of the whale’s belly

nuzzling Grace
of the Winged Ones
and their feathery touch

Holy Truth of the Tides
entire ocean
pulled by the Moon

see clearly
gaze steadily
upon the face of the Mother
the landscape of her body
and see what form
the simple Mystery
of the Resurrection takes

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Dr. Catherine Fehrmann

Catherine Fehrmann M.D. is a physician, energy medicine practitioner, healer, shaman, teacher, poet, and mystic. She lives an inter-dimensional existence, receiving direct transmissions from a number of different Beings and wisdom streams. She has practiced Vajrayana (Tibetan) Buddhism, and mentored with a somatic and energy therapist / Tibetan Buddhist lama for many years. Working directly to transform suffering and trauma in her mind, body, and life, as well as holding space for alchemical transformation in other realms, she is committed to embodying and teaching a View and practices which offer relief in a direct and practical way.

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