Switch Off Your Phone And Get A Better Connection

What an invention mobile or cell phones have been. If you would have told me as a very young man that I would be able to talk face-to-face with someone across the other side of the world using a mobile device, I would have said you’ve been watching too much Star Trek. 

This has become a reality now, and how amazing it is. We have never been able to feel so connected as a world society with the advent of cellular technology. But why are there still so many problems with connecting… to ourselves?

Try loneliness, separation, depression, addiction to the dopamine hits you get from someone liking your post or video on your favourite social media platform as a few likely culprits. And, unfortunately, the list goes on.

Our technology is expanding faster than our consciousness. I see that the explosion of mobile device usage has taken us all by surprise. They have completely taken over our lives, and now we are starting to see the problems this has caused.

I’m sure no one saw this coming;  at least, I hope not. We have become addicted to our mobile devices.

I feel that if this technology had been introduced in a slower manner, without all the hype, they would have become an important part of everyday life, without the over use of them. Now when you walk into restaurants, bars, clubs and even parks, you see so many people glued to the screen of their phone.

I have even seen people taking their dogs for a walk in a beautiful park, ignoring the allure of a wonderful blue sky and lush green grass, as their eyes remained glued to their screen. The dog is running around happily with all these new smells to encounter, and yet the human being is walking around like a zombie. I find this really sad.

Now we are also seeing these devices being targeted at children, something I find a little sinister. Children in their formative ages, especially between literally birth and 7 years of age, need human contact and interaction. This is critical while their brain is forming in Theta mode. They are like a sponge sucking information in. The last thing they need is to be addicted to advertising from such a young age.

I remember when I was a young boy and would rush into the living room to watch the new adverts coming out. I found them fun and entertaining, and that is exactly what they are designed to do: get you addicted. Now I can’t watch anything with advert breaks, because I can’t stand adverts when watching something. I do see the need for advertising, as companies need to get noticed as to what they offer, but life experience feels like it is one long sales pitch. 

There are detrimental mental aspects these new devices have given us, like fear of social interactions, neurosis, brain disorders, etc. And there are also concerns of physical problems happening to young children being weaned on these devices. I am seeing more and more young people with neck issues because of being either hunched over a mobile device or looking at a screen. Problems are coming on both the physical and mental front and we should really be concerned with what we are witnessing. 

What do we do to address this phenomenon? Switch off your phone and get a better connection. We are over-stimulated, and we need to get off this loop as it is causing us harm

Connect with nature more often and enjoy the beautiful natural world around you. That also includes connecting with yourself more, because you are nature. Your physical body is intrinsically connected to the natural world in so many ways. Explore that!

More and more people are connecting to themselves in this time of great change. It is easy to start, but takes many years to master. Do you ever really master yourself? I am not sure that is for everyone. I am a Dahn Master, but what that really means is Master in Training. We all have so much to learn, and we will never learn everything in a lifetime. It takes many lifetimes to really get to grips of what and who we really are.

But you can make a start. Get out into nature and leave your phone at home. You will feel weird at first if you are not used to it, but do it. Let that weird feeling pass, as you start to get a better connection to who and what you are. We are incredible beings, with infinite potential. But that self-realization and self-activation needs working on. And any work you do on this will not be lost through the reincarnation cycle. So it is truly a win-win situation. 

Another good reason to turn off your phone is the uncertainty of EMF exposure and what it is doing to us. EMF’s are still classified as a possible carcinogen by the World Health Organization (WHO) and this really concerns me. We should be using crystals, energy work and movement to help us through this bombardment of EMF’s in our environment.

In fact, turn all your wireless technology off at night, or just go wired. Our household is all wired when it comes to the internet. 

When more of us start getting a better connection to the nature of our reality, or should I say, our natural state, you will see great changes happening. And this is moving in the right direction now. We can help this change along by making concessions ourselves and aligning with this new paradigm.

Try it today. Leave the phone at home and go out and embrace the beautiful nature waiting there just for you. I know you will love it. 

Until the next post, be well and keep shining.

Peter. 😊

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Peter Paul Parker

Peter Paul Parker is a Dahn Master in the mind-body-spirit arena, a musician and sound healer. Peter is a Ki Gong champion, winning the international competition with the British Team in Korea in 2016. Peter runs a successful coaching business achieving amazing results with highly sensitive people and empaths using the Dream Method. Peter runs the Bright Beings Academy online.

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