Taking a Holistic Approach to Business Success

The rise of the Conscious Business Institute is a very personal one for founder, Peter Matthies. As a former software entrepreneur and venture capitalist, Peter had built his career to great success – but something was missing. Underneath the seemingly perfect entrepreneur lifestyle, he was feeling unfulfilled and exhausted. There had to be more to life than fortune.

During his career, Peter spoke to countless others in the same situation. They yearned for more inspiring and fulfilling lives, yet returned day after day to the office. When he asked leaders what they really want, often it was to do something completely different to their ‘now’. They wanted to travel, open a restaurant in an exotic location or build a small business that follows a personal passion.

Peter knew there had to be a better way to work that nurtured both ‘beingsuccessful’ and ‘being fulfilled and in balance’. He realised that in order for businesses to thrive into the future, it was time for a rethink. So, he bravely quit his job, left his home and moved to California to chase a new purpose and create a better way to conduct business. On a flight from New York City to North Carolina in 2004, Peter saw the image flash in his mind of the name Conscious Business Institute (CBI). It was instantly crystal clear what he wanted to do. In 2005, the CBI was born and Peter and his team of like-minded partners set about developing new approaches to how we, as a society, approach our working lives.

He had already learned that many business people were frustrated, disengaged and looking for a better way to work, but what was also becoming clear was that the business world is not sustainable in its current incarnation.

“In our fast-changing times (globalization, generational changes, digitalization, socio economic changes, climate change etc.), companies must
change the way they operate or they will fail in the future, ” he said. In addition; “The way we conduct business is not sustainable for our planet.”

The CBI approach has taken a few iterations and has evolved (as any good business does) with feedback and new learning. The team now helps countless businesses and organisations across five continents go from ordinary to extraordinary, including global corporations in the league of BMW Group, Intel and Starbucks. The current system draws on information and insights from areas of neuroscience, human behaviour, consciousness studies, and human performance. Each learning modality has been developed with fully scalable options to assist every sized business, whether they have one employee or 150,000.

CBI’s unique framework is like no other business coaching system. To start the ball rolling, they first conduct a culture assessment to show the business leaders what their people really think, the underlying cultures that exist (positive and negative) as well as key performance indicators. This insight offers a clear understanding of the core issues and offers measurable benchmarks on which to improve.

Then, the magic can happen. Rather that working on surface behaviours, or the DOING, the CBI approach delves into the BEING, or the level of consciousness, which is driven by purpose and authenticity.

“We’ve seen many times that our success stops growing exactly where our consciousness has stopped growing. By working on the level of consciousness, we remove any blockages that prevent our clients from growing to the next level.”

Participants embark on a learning journey to unlock their potential and create positive, lasting change. Self-guided e-courses, personal interaction, peer-group work, practical application and time for inward reflection all combine to offer each individual participant optimal conditions to learn and grow. The holistic method offers a complete toolset for leaders to improve their companies, covering everything from conflict resolution, team engagement, diversity and inclusion.

What results for clients is a fresh perspective on what it means to thrive in the business world and a more effective, inspiring and purpose-driven workplace. Balance, fulfilment and motivation we chase every day of our working lives are right there, in our subconscious, just waiting to be unlocked.

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