Covid-19 brought the world to a complete standstill, THE GREAT PAUSE, which gave a huge shock to the current unsustainable degenerative systems. We can, therefore, see this GREAT PAUSE and C19 as a blessing in disguise, where we can reflect on how we want to proceed with humanity in a positive way. In this mini-docu series, we explore where we are and which options we have to continue to live on earth in a way that makes sense. We review a post-capitalist society that provides for everyone’s basic needs on this planet, and that is actually within our reach today. 

“We were all forced into The Great Pause, but now, as they beckon us, we have a choice – knowing more clearly than before just how empowered we are. We could dismantle our degenerative systems simply by us choosing NOT to go back.”

THE GREAT PAUSE Part 1 – A Revolution in Lifestyle [VIDEO 4min, 50sec]

We are in the time of THE GREAT PAUSE. In this phase we are introduced to a totally different way of living in The New Normal… In part 1 we lay out this profound time of reflection that we find ourselves in and where we might collectively go to next.


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Robert Schram

Robert Schram is a co-founder and coordinator for United Earth and director of Mother Earth Trust. He is also a co-creator of manifesting Co-living Synergy Hubs worldwide. The Hubs are mainly intended to facilitate digital nomads and for developing/coordinating of sharing and awareness tools to organize a ‘Movements of Movements’. This to strengthen the momentum towards the new paradigm. At the Hub's we co-create on transition platforms and educational tools that are based on sharing and gifting. Robert is a promoter for several RBE (resource-based economy) Movements and a Climate Reality Leader. Robert is the author of his book ‘Quasar, THE NEW WORLD’: a plan with 180 recommendations for a new world. Before his writing period, he worked for several engineering and installation companies in the Netherlands and Germany as a freelance project-coordinator HVAC. Robert has coordinated over 50 projects in 30 years. The Great Pause series are a co-production of WorldSummit & HackHumanity in co-creation with Troy Wiley, Evan Webster Wiley and Envienta, and Open Source Everything.

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