The Power to Burn Bright

Ozioma Egwuonwu

I experienced a very powerful breakthrough in awareness that revealed to me the power each of us have, to create what I call ‘subpar life-experiences’, as well as the power to create more optimal ones

From as long as she can remember, Ozioma Egwuonwu had the desire to make a difference to this world. Even her name, Ozioma, means “good news, the gospel, the message” in the Igbo language.

Nigerian-born Ozioma came to America with her family as a young child, when her father was offered a Diplomatic post to the US. She became aware of her part in the global community from an early age, attending the United Nations International School where she met and mingled with other students with diverse cultural backgrounds. These formative years are what established her belief in global oneness.

At the beginning of her adult life, at the age of 25, Ozioma experienced an inner awakening which sparked her into action to pursue her life mission – to ignite human potential.

“I experienced a very powerful breakthrough in awareness that revealed to me the power each of us have, to create what I call ‘subpar life-experiences’, as well as the power to create more optimal ones,” Ozioma said.

“The realisation that each of us possess the power to create and co-create an extraordinary reality became the motivator that lead to BurnBright. Through first addressing my own inner landscape and personal challenges, then turning my gifts to serve other individuals, and eventually businesses and communities, is what led me on the journey of becoming a transformational leader.”

Ozioma’s work focuses on inspiring and activating the mindsets, behaviours, emotional and relational states that enable lives, businesses, and communities to reach their highest potential at every level. She teaches people how to tackle adversity and challenges from a multi-faceted and multi-dimensional approach based on the principles of dynamic coherence, rather than one dimensional and ephemeral approach.

“Deep inside, I believe that we all sense that we individually and collectively are capable of so much. However, there are certain patterns of belief and behaviour that hinder our capacity to do so,” she said.

“Too often in our society today, we tend to be about the quick fix. Solutions rarely go deep enough, nor do they focus on how we solve our current challenges for the long haul, for good. We rarely address the heart of the matters we seek to address. Such methods have proven in the long term to adversely impact us on an individual and collective basis.”

Ozioma works with diverse clients on an individual, business and community level to wade through the challenges and unblock factors that are holding them back from reaching their full potential. From big-business CEO’s to environmental non-profits, from school districts to coaching sessions with parents seeking new pathways, Ozioma is driven and committed to help.

“One thing in common among my clients is that they are all seeking some form of transformation usually stemming from a desire to unleash their inner brilliance. They either seek to launch or elevate their lives, businesses, project, or initiatives. The transformational strategies teach them help to inform, inspire and empower them to reach more of their full potential and operate from a more optimal state of being and doing in their lives and businesses.”

“The goal is not to create more people dependent on yet another system for their happiness, progress or fulfillment, but to teach, inspire, and enable people to wield the power of their own unique brilliance, and become masters of their own paradigms of possibility, as they advance along the journey of transformation, which is called life or the lifecycle of a business.”


1. Develop a practice that places you in touch with your inner domain.

That can be done through meditation, journaling, walking, and also practicing what I call Energy Emanations & Infusions. From time to time, I like to lay in bed visualising that brilliant white and positive energy is coming into my body and cleansing me of whatever sadness, pain or negativity I may be holding onto at the moment. It helps me release whatever negativity may need to be released. Other times, I visualize my entire being as completely filled with light and emanating that light out and sending it to other people all over the planet and to our earth.

2. Work on Self-Awareness and Attunement.

At the very start of my transformational journey, I began carrying with me what I call ‘notice cards’. On these, I would jot down little thoughts about how I was showing up within myself and then I would identify a new commitment that was more in alignment with how I wanted to be in the world and relate with others.

For example, in my early 20s I recall noticing that when I showed up as myself smiling, beaming self and others did not return my open, loving, earnest smile, I would recoil inwardly. I would feel deflated and a bit sad and as if I were unworthy. In this example, I had to take the following steps:

  • Lovingly notice what was happening within me.
  • Write what I need to notice, such as, ‘I have absolutely no clue why that person isn’t smiling back at me, but their reaction has NOTHING to do with me.’
  • Write ‘next time I will…’, such as ‘Next time I will smile anyway because I like to smile whether I get one in response or not’.

3. Define success on your own terms.

Success itself is a tricky subject because most people have no clue what success really means to them and how to begin to live a more successful existence on their own terms. It’s become even harder in a world where we are constantly beset and flooded with a reality that others want you to buy into. The goal is to first find your desired narrative and then begin to consciously create what I call your ‘growth world’. Cultivate and experience more of that which is in alignment with what you truly desire – that is how you win.

4. Believe in the power of transformation and your ability to achieve it.

Be inspired for change, otherwise true sustainable transformation is out of reach. Each of us desire and require a story that we can live into. One that we believe in and that inspires us… Once we create that narrative for ourselves, we are no longer who we once were, we become activated agents of transformation in our own lives, in our businesses, and in the world. Our endeavours take on an entirely different quality and cadence.

It is Ozioma’s belief that a better, and brighter world is possible and that we must do the personal and collective work to create it.

“The time is now for us to each become who and what we are truly meant to be. We all have so much more power than we know. Perhaps the difficulty that seems to be rising in our world is an invitation for us to fully inhabit our magnificence and offer it up as a gift that can help transform the world.”


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Ozioma Egwuonwu

Ozioma is an internationally celebrated speaker, transformational thought leader, and visionary master strategist. For over a decade, Ozioma has dedicated her life’s work to supporting individual and collective progress through teaching inspired principles and strategies that ignite sustainable transformation. She is the Founder of BurnBright International, a transformational coaching and consulting company dedicated to helping individuals, businesses, and communities activate their full potential.

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